Individual coaching sessions are the fastest and most effective way for doctors and other health professionals to rapidly improve their communication skills.

The emphasis is upon participants having as much time as possible to practice and incorporate feedback from simulated consultations with a professional actor. Theory is brought in as required. The usual format is to arrange one or more three hour sessions for clinicians, who specify what they want to cover. Scenarios are role played with an experienced actor and may be recorded audio visually. Participants learn rapidly with feedback from the Connect facilitator and the actor. Where appropriate, we arrange audio-visual recording of consultations in their work setting and/or during coaching sessions. The recordings can be used for assessment and feedback.

The Connect facilitators are flexible in their approach and willing to adapt the formats as required. You are welcome to contact Connect Communications to discuss your specific needs.

Communication Skills for passing exams

These courses are by arrangement with individuals or small groups. They can be arranged to be on-line with the Zoom Meetings platform, using virtual breakout rooms to practice with the actor in small groups.

The format is experiential with participants role playing consultations, and an actor taking the patient’s role. Learning by practice and discussion is backed up by the relevant theory. Rapid learning is maximized by feedback from the facilitator, the actor, and when practical, by doctors watching audio-visual recordings of their work. Connect Communications is proud of a high pass rate for participant doctors preparing for exams.

Personalised Communication Skills Coaching

These courses are designed for health professionals such as doctors, dentists, vets or pharmacists required by their regulatory body or employer to undertake a corrective programme. These courses involve:

  • One or more individual supervision sessions with an experienced Connect facilitator who has training in Professional Supervision. These sessions are used to explore what is needed, and to plan the coaching session(s) with the actor.
  • One or more three hour sessions with a trained professional actor and a senior Connect facilitator, spread out over time so that there is space to absorb and practice new skills.
  • Pre- and post-workshop goal setting, relevant readings, and evaluation of the process are all provided.
  • Audio-visual recorded practice consultations with the actor. This provides a baseline with which to compare improvement at the conclusion of the course.
  • A brief report if needed upon completion eg. to MCNZ.

The format is experiential, with clinicians role-playing consultations they encounter in their usual workplace environment, and an actor taking the role of patient, relative or colleague. Learning is by practice, demonstration, discussion and theory. Extensive feedback comes from the facilitator, the actor, and also from clinicians watching audio-visual recordings of their work. International research has shown that experiential learning with audio-visual feedback provides effective improvement in clinical communication skills.