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Communication Skills
Good communication is at the heart of healthy workplace relationships. The Connect team provides interactive communication skills coaching for individuals and groups, using a lively mix of theory and practice scenarios with professional actors as needed. Skill level is adjusted according to need, and covers topics such as managing conflict, breaking bad news, handling complaints and talking about sensitive topics.
Clinical Supervision Skills
Guiding our junior colleagues can be a requirement that we may not feel prepared for. Connect provides training workshops to help  supervisors learn skills such as how to give feedback constructively and how to maintain the relationship when there is disagreement. A lively interactive teaching style is used to engage participants in practicing relevant scenarios,  addressing challenges such as the trainee in difficulty and understanding the role of the supervisor.
Workplace Enrichment
Burnout prevention is becoming an urgent need in today's high pressure work environment. Using a creative diagnostic style that encourages self reflection and team cohesion, Connect facilitators will spend time with your team exploring what is needed. As a result of this process relevant self care and team enhancement skills will be shared and an action plan identified for individuals and the group. Follow up and review is available, ensuring that the learning remains dynamic and responsive to change.

"The Royal NZ College of Urgent Care uses Connect Communications to provide a communications course for our doctors-in-training as part of our Fellowship requirements.  Traditionally we used the in-person workshop.  As a result of the response to the pandemic, Connect put together an online alternative so that we could continue our training programme.  The course syllabus covered all the elements and learning outcomes required by our Education Committee. Connect changed the structure and included additional actors, which we believe enhanced the learning for attendees.  Having the course online meant that more of our out-of-Auckland registrars could attend with much less impact on the urgent care clinic.  Feedback from the registrars has been consistently positive, especially around the use of actors and small break out rooms.  Given the success of the first online course, we have extended the concept to an advanced supervision training which we will launch later in 2020".

Adrian Metcalfe


General Manager RNZCUC