Group Education
Book an engaging and dynamic speaker for your conference, training program or workplace professional development session. We cover topics such as managing conflict, breaking bad news, supervising junior trainees and wellbeing topics such as burnout prevention and working under pressure. Sessions can be in person or online, using webinar and interactive on-line meeting platforms.

Video Education Suite

Sign up for our high quality, and entertaining video suite with educational topics in three areas:
  1. Communication Skills
  2. Supervisions Skills
  3. Wellbeing and Burnout Prevention
Content is a mixture of evidence based theory, more informal commentary from presenters, and  practical exercises with role play demonstrations.
Individualised Communication Coaching
Have you received a complaint about communication? We provide confidential  and sensitive coaching that is expertly facilitated by one of our highly skilled Doctors with medical education and supervision expertise.  The one-on-one sessions are personalised and tailored to individual requirements, involving a high level of skilled support, and practicing relevant scenarios with a professional actor  to obtain immediate feedback.

"Fiona and Connect Communications worked with our PHO to deliver an interactive education session on the topics of burnout and wellbeing, for the GP teams in our network.  The content was evidence based, high quality, well-structured and personalised to a Primary Care audience which ensured it was relevant to our everyday practice.  Fiona was quick to adapt to our needs, making the session 100% virtual and skilfully guiding interaction with online breakout rooms.  I definitely found this session rewarding and would recommend this to any health professional organisation who wants to improve the wellbeing of their members."

Dr Gareth Roberts, Clinical Director, Comprehensive Care.

8 March 2023