Connect have worked with the following organisations:

Medical Council of New Zealand
Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand
Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care
RANZ College of Psychiatrists
Auckland DHB
Waitemata DHB
Canterbury DHB
Alliance Health, FONO Primary Health Organisations
Harbour Primary Health Organisation
Refugee Status Branch , Immigration New Zealand
Hospice New Zealand                                                                                                         Mercy Hospice                                                                                                                    South Auckland Hospice                                                                                                       West Auckland Hospice                                                                                                       Hibiscus Coast hospice                                                                                                    Eastern Bay of Plenty Hospice
Radius Medical Conference
University of Auckland – Post Graduate Certificate in Pharmacist Prescribing                          NZ Dermatology Conference                                                                                     Goodfellow Symposium



Connect Communications is a brilliant idea. I could notice a very prominent improvement in my consultation skills as we went along. All the tutors are very skilful, well organised and their honest feedback guided me a lot. In my view, for the doctors planning to sit in NZREX that sort of coaching is absolutely an essential part of exam preparation.



I am pleased to inform you that both of us who attended the June 12 NZREX 2010 workshop with you, passed the NZREX Clinical. Truly you made a big difference. The technique that you taught me definitely worked during the exam, and I would imagine so, even in real clinical practice when I start work. I couldn’t believe it! But it did make a lot of difference… I suppose you can say that at that workshop, you yielded 100% success rate. And our sincerest gratitude… You have made so much difference in opening up for us the pathway for our dreams to practice in this country.

Kind regards,
Dr Antolin Alberto Camero


The Auckland Hospice Educators Group has been utilizing the expertise of the Connect Communications team for the last 2 years as regular presenters on our Orientation to Palliative Care course, which we run for Health Professionals. Our course attendees greatly appreciate the valuable insights into the dynamics of communication in health care settings and useful tools for communicating effectively with patients and their families that the Connect Communications team shares with them.

Jo Hathaway
Chairperson of Auckland Hospice Educators Group


I found the (Connect tutors) very supportive, organised, approachable and always ready to help… Above all I appreciate their time and effort they put in helping us. They made a great contribution to my career and future.



…I also feel that the training helped me in my everyday work – my patients are happier with me now, and I am getting better feedback from them.


I manage a government department whose staff make important decisions about people’s lives. It is a high stakes game and a complex legal area. My staff are often under emotional and work pressure, from their clients and their lawyers, and the difficult subjects they must consider. Dr van den Brink from Connect has provided invaluable support for my team in the area of coping with this stress and managing it to avoid, or if necessary, recognise compassion fatigue. I was impressed with the preparation Connect gave to our specific work place environment and the issues the staff were having. Connect tailored the programme to the needs of my team and this was super effective in ensuring buy-in from them to participate and get value from the training. The outcome was very positive – with many team members expressing appreciation for the techniques and advice Connect provided, and sharing with and learning from each other. An session with Connect is now part of our regular training schedule.